The Calendar of Kandalur


The Calendar

Times of the Year (Months)

Each time of the year is comprised of 4 cycles.

  • Dawn of the World
  • First Light
  • First Sow
  • Astral Rain
  • Second Sow
  • Life of the World
  • Sun’s Sky
  • First Harvest
  • Last Harvest
  • Gathering Storm
  • Last Light
  • Eve of the World

Cycle (Week)

Each cycle is comprised of 7 days.

  • Day of the Sun
  • Day of the Moon
  • Day of the Earth
  • Day of the Wind
  • Day of the Air
  • Day of the Fire
  • Day of the Star

Time of Day

Time of day is referred to as below:

  • Godswake (predawn)
  • Worldmorn (dawn)
  • Brightmorn (full morning)
  • Highmorn (late morning)
  • Godshour (noon)
  • Highsun (early afternoon)
  • Farsun (late afternoon)
  • Sunfall (sunset)
  • Nightfall (dusk)
  • Night (night)
  • Godshour (midnight)

The Calendar of Kandalur

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