Destiny's Point

Follow the River Innocence into the dark and magical woods of the Forest of the Ancients and you will reach Destiny’s Point.

Destiny’s Point is not a part of the realm of K’ndara Thaen. It exists as a means of trade for other kingdoms and is overwatched only by the local authorities. The elves of K’ndara Thaen respect this. Travelers not wanting to upset the elves must take the Red Road to and through Destiny’s Point.



  • 1426


  • Almost all decisions go through the town elder, Nicodaemus


  • The towering trees standing hundreds of feet tall help to provide some defense for the town, as well as the natural cliff face upon which it is built. There is a garrison of town guards (about 50) that rotate shifts, volunteering to protect their home town. At any given time, about 12 are on duty and more come to call if necessary. The leader of the town guard is Brath.


  • Trade goods such as lumber, food, and herbs abound in the deep woods of K’ndara Thaen. Hunters go ranging for small game such as squirrels and rabbits to larger game like deer and elk. Some event hunt for the legendary Shadow Elk. Rainbow trout and glimmerfish are in abundance in the River Innocence as well.
  • From upriver, goods come in from all of northern Kandalur. The biggest import from downriver is stone from the quarries of Aldesta. Other imports include treasured shipments of glass and jewels arrive from the Cradled Coast by caravan.


Nearby Places

In Town

  • The Storm Spire

This towering structure consists of three major pieces built into the central cliff of the town. The lowest level is the Aureum. This is where you will find the indoor markets and specialty organizations. At the top of the Aureum is the ship Destiny, for which the town is named.

The middle level above that is the location of the temples and higher offices of the merchants and organizations.

The top is known as the Storm Spire Pointe. This is where the town elder, Nicodaemus resides with his libraries.

These warm wooden walls have heard it all. Daily, most citizens have a meal or a drink or both at this warm and inviting inn. Lacadia runs a great kitchen and offers some clean and safe rooms. Many famous adventurers got their start in this very inn. Travelers come from far and wide to see the Inn of Good Faith. Legend has it, it brings luck to those who dine or stay there.

This dwarf is famous for having more goods than any other shop in town or even in the Aureum. He hails from Alheim but has made a home in Destiny’s Point.

Destiny's Point

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