The Dawn of Truth

The Fallen Star
Prologue to the Dawn of Truth


Forty years ago, deep in the Valley of the Gods, a crater shined white hot and debri across the fields glowed with a radiant light never seen before. The trees on the edge of the valley were seared and dying from the intense heat.

A streak of fire still lined the sky above, telling of the journey that star took on its fall to the world. To the west of the fallen star, the blazing light shined off of a thousand golden helms as the dwarves of Alheim marched proudly to claim the remains to make starsteel, one of the strongest materials known to mankind. To the east of the fallen star, the emerald and silver sparkled in the armor of the elves of K’ndara Thaen as they marched to claim the remains to make stardust, an ingredient used in alchemy, crafting, and spellcasting.

Upon meeting in the middle, they would strike no bargains. They would hold no talks. It was a battle and the last army standing would claim the prize. Over the burning and crackling of the crater and fire, one hear the unified clanging of plate mail from the dwarves’ perfectly-timed march. On the wind, one could hear the war chants of the elves.


Some tales tell that the Dwarves of Alheim arrived not only with an army, but with a Death Knight amongst their ranks. But the elves had more. A Gold Dragon countered a surprise attack by the dwarves and three legendary heroes defeated the Death Knight in glorious flame and battle.

The Fallen Star was claimed by the elves of K’ndara Thaen but tensions quickly grew between the kingdoms. Some say this battle started the events that led to the Great Silence ten years later. None know for sure…

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