In the absence of the gods, some remain faithful and some do not. Some turn their worship to the angels and some to darker things.

But too long have the evils of the world worked their magic from the shadows. Too long have the innocent suffered the wrath of the wicked. A new day dawns and with it, heroes of truth.


I think over again my small adventures, my fears,
These small ones that seemed so big.
For all the vital things I had to get and to reach.
And yet there is only one great thing,
The only thing.
To live to see the great day that dawns
And the light that fills the world.

-The Sword of Destiny

The Campaign Bible

Welcome to the world of Kandalur, a realm of magic and mystery, rich with lore. Kandalur is a giant landmass far to the east and north of the ruined Nerathi Empire. It is often referred to as the “Shattered Kingdoms” since there remain seven kingdoms within Kandalur. The lands have long been inhabited by the moon elves of K’ndara Thaen, the gnomes of Aldesta, and the men and dwarves of Alheim. It was only with the arrival of the eladrin, led by the planeswalker Auravir Aramorn, that Kandalur would begin to grow into something more.

Four kingdoms rose to power quickly; Aldesta in the south, Alheim in the north and west, Aramanthir to the northeast and K’ndara Thaen in the middle. In the wake of many great wars, three others emerged around Kandalur; Amystere in the far south, Erethel in the north, and Stormfall in the southeast.

This world is full of different types of magic and all sorts of dangers. The farther from the road you stray, the more reward (or danger) you will find. Kandalur is filled with lost ruins, ancient dungeons, and hidden troves of treasure. Adventure awaits for those bold enough to venture out into the world.

A Brief Timeline


Sages of tracked the histories throughout the ages. Greater Ages are comprised of hundreds or thousands of years. Ages may only be comprised of nearly one hundred years. The beginning and end of an Age is determined by the Court of Stars and is influenced by celestial and cosmological events.

Greater Age of Creation

The Greater Age of Creation spanned from the creation of Aerestel (the World) to the end of the Dawn War.


Greater Ancient Age

The Greater Ancient Age spanned from the earliest battles between the people of Aerestel and the evils that remained from the Dawn War to the end of the Age of the Dragon.


Greater Elder Age

The Greater Elder Age began with end of the Age of the Dragon. It was this Greater Age that saw the birth of Kandalur with the War of the Fey. It lasted through the War of the Orc and the Dawn of the Everwar until the end of the Age of Light.


A Flawed People

Kandalur is a setting full of flawed characters working to overcome those flaws and discover truth. Visit the Character Flaw Chart to obtain a flaw.

The Elder World (The Feywild)

The Feywild, also called the Elder World by the fey, is a land of soft lights and wonder, a place of music and death. It is a realm of everlasting twilight, with glittering faerie lights bobbing in the gentle breeze and fat fireflies buzzing through groves and fields. Read more about The Elder World.

The Dark World (The Shadowfell)

The Shadowfell, also called the Dark World by common folk, is a dimension of black, gray, and white where most other color has been leached from everything. It is a place of darkness that hates the light, where the sky is a black vault with neither sun nor stars. Read more about The Dark World.

The Kandalurian Calendar

There are 12 “Times of the Year” and each is comprised of 4 “cycles”. Learn more about The Calendar of Kandalur.

The People of Kandalur

Many races and cultures make up the unique people of Kandalur. Learn more about the Races of Kandalur.

Important NPCs

The following figures play prominent supporting roles or significant peripheral roles in the campaign:

  • Queen Aeris Silverwind Her mother died shortly after giving birth to her, nearly thirty years ago. When she came of age, power was given back to her and she became the rightful Queen of Aramanthir. She quickly condemned the Battle of the Fallen Star.
  • Akuran (Emerging Warlord) Arguably, the most infamous warlord in the history of Kandalur, Akuran appeared shortly after the Great Silence and rose to power quickly. Rumors have traveled all of Kandalur speaking of his deeds and the power he possesses. None have described him the same. Orc. Giant. Demon. And worse. Whatever he is, Akuran is conquering lands quickly along the Cradled Coast.
  • Brother Alphas Gladerion He was an influential priest from the Dawn Sanctuary before the Great Silence. Since, he has started a new order that gained a massive following. He resurrected the ancient order known as the Keepers of Forbidden Lore.
  • King Arcus Greythule Crowned after his father died, King Arcus Greythule now rules over the kingdom of Alheim. In a kingdom so rich with tradition and power, the young king is struggling to keep Alheim together since the Great Silence.
  • The Master of Moons The mysterious leader of the moon elves walks the forests by moonlight, watching over his people. One of the oldest souls in Kandalur, the Master of Moons may see and know more than the average being.
  • Orujin The Aldestan philosopher Orujin is making waves throughout the Shattered Kingdoms. His scrolls and speeches on religion, politics, and life are being well accepted by some and hatefully rejected by others.
  • Rahnduk (Warlord of the Broken Stone Tribe) Arguably, the most successful warlord in the history of Kandalur, this fearsome orc and his Broken Stone Tribe have conquered much of the coast of the Sea of Legends. After renouncing both the Wild and Gruumsh, Rahduk vowed to “set the west on fire.”
  • Rhyannon Rhykker Naul A noble turned warlord, Rhykker Naul poses the only proximity threat to the Kingdom of Alheim. He has conquered lands and burned villages along the southern coast of the Crystal Sea.
  • The Sovereign Star The chosen ruler of the eladrin rules from Starview and watches over the eladrin and moon elves of K’ndara Thaen. She is one of the few beings in Kandalur with direct relationships to the Court of Stars.
  • Zahrthak The demonic orc resides in the Forgotten Lands of the Erelhei Dominion. He grows in power as a high-ranking warlock amongst the Wild. Some say his pact with demons is what gave the orcs of the Wild their demonic blood.

Note that this map only depicts a rough outline of the major forests and coastlines of Kandalur.

Important Places and Facts

Most of the campaign will unfold on the two large landmasses of Kandalur: The Shattered Kingdoms and the Erelhei Dominion.

The Shattered Kingdoms (Western Landmass)

  • Alheim: This proud kingdom is full of tradition. Some call it the Ancient Kingdom of Dwarves and Men. Dwarves and humans inhabit much of the mountains and valleys of this kingdom.
  • Aramanthir: This kingdom once fell into the hands of the demonic forces of the Wild. Since then, only a female has been allowed to rule, to avoid the corruption of man. Queen Aeris Silverwind rules the beautiful mountainous region known as At World’s Morning.
  • Erethel: Founded by the first Queen of Aramanthir, Erethel exists as the most-welcoming kingdom for races not welcome elsewhere. Half-elves, half-orcs, dragonborn, and tiefling are amongst the most populous races in this magocratic society.
  • K’ndara Thaen: This mountainous region is also blanketed by ancient and magical forests. The moon elves and eladrin call this home and the warlords of Kandalur have started their conquests here.
  • Stormfall: These humans and dwarves broke away from the kingdom of Alheim during the Az’Rulean invasion. With the help of the gnomes, they have founded a beautiful kingdom on the southern edge of the Cradled Coast.
  • Amystere: The swamps and bogs south of the mountains are home to the exiled Fallen Elves. Chaos and strange magics rule here and most outsiders steer clear.
  • Aldesta: The largest of all the kingdoms, Aldesta covers the vast landscape of red rocks, deserts, and canyons. It is ruled and inhabited by the progressive gnomes known as Aldestans.

The Erelhei Dominion (Eastern Landmass)

  • The Forgotten Lands: These are the northern lands of the Erelhei Dominion. Most of the Wild gathers here and claims it. Giants and other ancient creatures also inhabit the Forgotten Lands. Long ago, the moon elf tribes called this land home.
  • The Dominions: These dangerous lands are bereft of most life. Legend has it that the Dominions sit directly above the dangerous Underdark city of Erelhei-Cinlu. Drow raiding parties frequent the surface and have left it a wasteland.

The Town of Destiny’s Pointe (Campaign Start)

Learn more about the starting location, Destiny’s Point.

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The Dawn of Truth

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