The Lore


Sages of tracked the histories throughout the ages. Greater Ages are comprised of hundreds or thousands of years. Ages may only be comprised of nearly one hundred years. The beginning and end of an Age is determined by the Court of Stars and is influenced by celestial and cosmological events.

Greater Age of Creation

The Greater Age of Creation spanned from the creation of Aerestel (the World) to the end of the Dawn War.


Greater Ancient Age

The Greater Ancient Age spanned from the earliest battles between the people of Aerestel and the evils that remained from the Dawn War to the end of the Age of the Dragon.


Greater Elder Age

The Greater Elder Age began with end of the Age of the Dragon. It was this Greater Age that saw the birth of Kandalur with the War of the Fey. It lasted through the War of the Orc and the Dawn of the Everwar until the end of the Age of Light.


Greater New Age

The Lore

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