Flora of Kandalur


K’ndara Thaen

The forests, rivers, and mountains of K’ndara Thaen have some of the richest plantlife in all of Kandalur. Rare and exotic plants found nowhere else can be found all along the Cradled Coast.


The swamps and marshes of Amystere are home to some of the rarest and strangest plantlife in all of Kandalur. The Fallen Elves are said to use it in all matter of potions and strange alchemy.


The red rocks and canyon deserts of Aldesta create an interesting arrangement of abstract plantlife. The gnomes believe that half of the plantlife in the region has yet to be identified.


The lush landscape of the Kingdom of Stormfall presents much of the flora of K’ndara Thaen and the Cradled Coast but has some of its own rare plantlife.


The rich coasts and vast mountains of Alheim create a unique environment for plantlife.


The majestic mountains of Aramanthir play host to some of the most beautiful flowers in all of Aerestel. The people there have well-documented much of the plantlife.


The natural border with Aramanthir and the coast along the Crystal Sea provides a rich environment for some of the world’s most unique plants. As a fairly new kingdom, not much of the plantlife has been documented.

Flora of Kandalur

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