Character Creation

Creating a Character in Kandalur

Determine Ability Scores
Ability scores will be determined as a group by going around the table counter-clockwise and each rolling 3d6 each round. After 6 rounds, everyone will have 6 scores rolled by a method of 3d6. The scores will be rolled Down the Line. You may re-roll scores of 6 or lower but for each re-roll you must also roll and add a Character Flaw from the Character Flaw Chart.

Choose A Race
Choose the race that you wish to play from the Races of Kandalur.

Choose A Class
Choose the class that you wish to play from the above list of “Class Origins”.

Describe Your Character
Flesh out who your character is. Be sure to choose an alignment, ideals, bonds, and flaws as well as a background. See below for setting-specific backgrounds.

Starting Equipment
Starting equipment is one type of tool that your class or background provides proficiency in, the clothes on your back, and a random trinket from the Trinkets table in PHB pg 160-161. Class wealth will be rolled for silver instead of gold.

Party Relationships
We will be rolling on the Party Relationship Chart to determine the relationship of the various party members. Once you have your relationships, we will work together to flesh them out.

New Background Options for Kandalur

Character Creation

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